Welcome to Tiffany Chan Yoga

Yoga is an ancient way of obtaining health in your mind, body and spirit.  It stretches and strengthens your body, calms your mind and leaves you feeling peaceful and contented.  I have been teaching yoga in Indiana, Pa since 1995.  My classes focus on breathing and doing the postures in a meditative way.  Yoga has helped me so much in my life.  See what it can do for you….

I have a regular teaching schedule.  You are welcome to come to any class and try it for free.  If you are unsure what level you should try, you may contact me and we can discuss it.

Basil Fisanick and I are co-owners of Anjali Yoga Teacher Training.  If you love yoga, and want to immerse yourself in your own practice and even become a yoga teacher, try looking into this rewarding program!  We have taught this program in State College, Johnstown, Altoona and Indiana.  Check our website to see where we will be next!

I am also involved with the Rise Up! Empowerment Day Camp for Girls.  It helps young girls ages 10-15 years old to respect and celebrate themselves.  We teach them yoga, educate them about the media, gardening, cooking and fun DIY projects.  Check out the website for the latest information.