Tiffany Chan

E-RYT 500 HR

Over my many years of teaching yoga, I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  People coming to their mat, letting go of the concerns of the day, breathing, paying attention to the postures and the body, having savasana and they feel better!  They feel more connected, less tired, more resilient.  Yoga is a reliable technology to transform how you feel.  From stressed out and exhausted, to relaxed, inspired and peaceful.  

Yoga is a powerful tool to change your perspective on your life.  It helps you to grow into more of yourself.  It helps you love yourself and your life. I have been exploring Yoga and meditation for many years.  It has helped me to access such depth of good feeling in my personal life that I can’t help but want to share it with others. 

Now, I am studying Ayurveda which is the sister science of Yoga. It promotes lifestyle and healthy diet choices that are in alignment with nature and our bodies.  I want to show how the two work synergistically to bring about an even deeper, more consistent sense of well-being and health.  Yoga works on the mind and Ayurveda works with the body

Both of these practices require us to do the work.  No one will do it for us.  Luckily, it’s fun work!  The effort brings instant and long term benefits. The more we practice and connect with the deep sense of ourselves the more we bring that honest peace and creativity to the planet.  You bring your unique gift as only you can do!  

It can be challenging to do it on your own. My hope is to support you on your journey to explore and utilize Yoga and Ayurveda so that you can create more health and well-being in your own life because when you are your best self- it helps the whole planet.  

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1995 – 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification Kripalu Center

1997 – 200 hour Integrative Yoga Therapy Yoga Teacher

2014 – 500 hr Yoga Teacher Certification Kripalu Center

2022 – 500 hr Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training- Kripalu Center

2023 – 650 hr Ayurvedic Health Counselor


1995 – Present: Teaching yoga at various levels at various locations(athletic, moderate, Special populations, Chair yoga)

2002 – 2004: Stress Management Specialist for the Dr Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease,  

2002 – 2020: Stress Management Specialist for IRMC various programs

2010 – Present: Co-owner with Basil Fisanick of Anjali Yoga Teacher Training Program

2018 – Present: offering CE’s workshops in various Yoga topics and Ayurveda